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Tourist visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons who want to enter the United States temporarily for tourism, pleasure or visiting or a combination of both business and pleasure.

The purpose of Tourist Visa can be for :

  • tourism
  • vacation (holiday)
  • visit with friends or relatives
  • medical treatment
  • participation in social events hosted by fraternal, social, or service organizations
  • participation by amateurs in musical, sports, or similar events or contests, if not being paid for participating
  • enrollment in a short recreational course of study, not for credit toward a degree (for example, a two-day cooking class while on vacation).

Visitors who wish to stay beyond the date indicated on their Form I-94 are required to have approval by USCIS.

Some nonimmigrant visa holders, while present in the U.S., are able to file a request which must be approved by USCIS to change to another nonimmigrant category

Last modified on: Mon, 2014-03-31 10:50